Beyond basic commercial services, our diversified portfolio of activities includes extras that allow us to comprehensively fulfil even the most unique customer needs.

This gives our partners seeking complex services a huge advantage in terms of operational efficiency, pricing, and administration alike, while our extensive and long-standing industry experience means we can deliver the very best solutions for even the most unusual needs.

Altenergy - Energiapiaci szolgáltatások
Altenergy - Energiapiaci szolgáltatások - Menetrendezés - Sinergy


As one of the country’s leading companies with unrivalled professional expertise and technical background in commercial services for power plants, we know exactly and follow what our partners need – whether for a renewable energy group or an agricultural business with solar power plants on its premises.


As a full-service electromobility provider, we offer comprehensive and sustainable services in the sale, installation, and operation of licensed electric charging equipment for the home, business, and public charger market.

Altenergy - Energiapiaci szolgáltatások - E-mobilitás - Alte-GO
Altenergy - Energiapiaci szolgáltatások - Hulladékgazdálkodás - Ecofirst

Waste management

As the perfect guide in the transition to modern waste management, our specialized business unit is firmly committed to the principles of sustainability and the circular economy, not only providing waste management services to a number of large companies, but also actively involved in the development of complex waste management directions and guidelines.