Questions and answers concerning electricity retail

Consumers with a nominal connection capacity of 3×63 Amperes are obliged to buy from the competitive market, consumers with a nominal connection capacity below this level are free to decide on this matter.

Consumers buying from the competitive market are free to choose from a range of offers from traders in the market, based on which they can conclude contracts on fixed prices and fixed terms. The terms and conditions of the contract and the price do not change during the contract term.

Electricity supplied by a universal service provider with a universal service provider license, under state-controlled conditions and pricing rules. Universal service is available to those eligible, who are also free to opt for the competitive market.

Installing the meter, based on the indication of the consumer’s need, is the obligation of the Network License Holder.

A basic condition for entry to the competitive market is that the market operator must have an electricity trading contract and a balancing group membership contract (the latter is often included in the trading contract). To conclude the contract, it is recommended to request offers from several traders, based on the annual consumption volume. After signing the contract, the trader notifies the Network License Holder of the market operator’s entry to the competitive market, and the user must terminate the universal service contract at least 30 days prior to market entry, in line with the terms of the contract.

After signing the electricity trading contract, the new trader notifies the Network License Holder of the switch in traders.

Power outages and other network problems can be reported through the fault reporting channel of the territorially competent Network License Holder.

It is the owner and operator of the system of transmission lines used to deliver and distribute electricity to the end-user point, for which activity it is entitled to charge system usage fees. The activity of the license holder is territorially limited and cannot be chosen by market operators.

Individual contracts may be concluded for individual terms based on the individual agreement between the User and the Trader. In practice, most contracts have a term of one calendar year.

The User must have a Network Connection Contract, and available Power and Network Usage Contract, to record the terms and conditions of system usage.

The electricity trader sends its bill for the amount of electricity it has supplied to the user. The territorially competent Network License Holder is entitled to charge a system usage fee for the provision of the electricity network, based on which it sends a bill to the customer.

Based on the operation, maintenance and supervision of the network system used for the transmission of the electricity supplied to the consumer, the Network License Holder is entitled to collect a system usage fee from the consumer, for which it sends a bill to the consumer. System usage fees are set by the authorities and are the same throughout the country.

Electricity consumption of equipment operated intermittently, in non-predetermined but off-peak periods, if the equipment is connected to a controlled circuit.

For profiled consumption points, between the first and the penultimate month before the end of the contractual period, the trader charges a flat fee based on Metered Annual Consumption. A settlement bill is issued in the last month of the contractual period.

The annual consumption volume for the consumer, as determined by the Network License Holder based on previous consumption periods.

The system of electricity volume settlement for users that have a metering device suitable for recording the load curve.

A settlement bill is issued by the Trader in each month of the contractual period based on monthly consumption.

In the case of profiled settlement, the meter is read by the Network License Holder once a year. In the case of time series settlement, meter reading is essentially continuous.

Yes, profiled consumers can change their Metered Annual Consumption by notifying the trader.