WHY contract with us?

Because adaptation is our raison d’être.

The winners of development and change are always companies with adaptability and high risk management capacity. We provide a tailored response to ongoing energy market challenges. We offer our partners solutions that are the most reasonable at the given time from a professional and risk-management perspective.

Because we build creatively on our existing expertise.

Our innovative approach – which elevates professional creativity to master levels – is based on a solid knowledge base of diverse, multi-generational industry experience. Thus, a combination of expertise rooted in the past, backed up by a decade and a half of our own market experience and the latest industry know-how, creates corporate energy systems that are ideal starting points for building sustainable systems for the future. This is how our project proposals, based on the professional interrelationship of past and future factors, become innovations, and our services, far exceeding the market average, become unique, tailor-made solutions. This is what makes ALTEO stand out.

Because we set an example by looking to the future.

Putting the principles of sustainability and the circular economy into consistent practice has been part of our mission since our founding. Not only are our solutions future-proof: we also encourage our partners to make this approach an integral part of their thinking, and an integral part of the increasingly popular ESG approach. Our operations are, accordingly, subordinated to the philosophy described, and not just include the optimal utilization of renewable energy sources, but also go far beyond it. As active producers of renewable energy, we also help our partners to reduce their carbon footprint, making their sustainability ambitions more achievable.

Because we recognize and exploit real opportunities.

There are rules set in stone, but no situations set in stone. Confident professionalism is worth very little without quick situational awareness. As a forward-thinking, responsive company, we strive to complete every task with as little fuss, as accurately and as quickly as possible. Our professional experience, paired with openness and innovation, enables us to provide our partners with the most suitable solution at the right time and in the right situation to ensure a business advantage.

Information materials to help develop a conscious attitude towards energy consumption


List of energy certification bodies:

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 23/A(6) of Government Decree No. 273/2007 (X.19.) and Section 23/A of Government Decree No. 19/2009 (I.30.), we inform you that the list of energy certification bodies is available:

On the website of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, in the Members menu: http://mmk.hu/kereses/tagok

In the middle of the page displayed, in the ”Specialization” field, type one of the following abbreviations:

  • “EN-korlátozott” (Energy certification of buildings – with restrictions),
  • “Ent-Sz” (Expert energy certification of buildings – full),
  • “TÉ” (Energy certification of buildings)

or select one of the categories from the drop-down menu below this field and you can start the search, which will bring up the list you are looking for.

On the website of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects, as follows: https://eugyintezes.mekon.hu/index.php?u=nevjegyzek#

To start a search, select the keyword “TÉ – Energetikai tanúsítói jogosultság” from the drop-down menu in the middle of the page.

Energy efficiency pages of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority:

The Authority’s information website on energy efficiency and renewable energy: http://energiahatekonysag.mekh.hu

Energy saving opportunities and grant schemes available for investment projects:

Contact details of energy consumer consultancy or advocacy organizations in our service area:

Association of Hungarian Energy Consumers

H-1091 Budapest, Üllői út 25.

E-mail: mesz.iroda@freemail.hu

Website: www.energiafogyasztok.hu

Phone: 36/1/2107116

Fax: 36/1/2107116

Energy efficiency news, information as recommended by ALTEO:  Chikansplanet Blog