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In the framework of energy trading activity, ALTEO Energiakereskedő Zrt. (member of ALTEO Group) sells electricity and natural gas on the free market.

We offer our services to the domestic small and medium-sized business sector and large companies, and do not cater for retail consumers.

„The philosophy of operating energy structures is constantly changing. A flexible company needs to recognize these trends.”

Attila Chikán Jr., CEO of ALTEO Group


ALTEO Energiakereskedő Zrt. is 100% owned by ALTEO Nyrt., which ensures a reliable and stable background.

With its own power plant portfolio and a decade and a half of market presence, ALTEO Nyrt. is a dominant factor in the Hungarian energy sector.

The Group considers the dissemination of high-efficiency decentralized and renewables-based electricity production in Hungary to be its priority. Accordingly, it is building and continuously developing a portfolio of power plants that includes energy units installed close to the consumer, utilizing alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as high-efficiency hydrocarbon-fired cogeneration systems to complement these. The Group also has several heating power plants, which generate heat energy for industrial plants and serve urban district heating systems.

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The Group’s services focus on three large areas: energy production, energy trading, and energy services.

Its business activities include renewables-based energy production and high-efficiency hydrocarbon-based cogeneration; energy wholesale and retail trade; the provision of services to industrial companies, in particular the installation, operation and maintenance of energy systems, and other new services such as waste management and e-mobility.

You can find detailed information on the Group’s activities on the ALTEO Group website.

Learn about the energy services of ALTEO Group that are available to you.

Beyond basic commercial services, the diversified portfolio of activities of ALTEO Group includes extras that allow us to comprehensively fulfil even the most unique customer needs.

Our uniqueness is enhanced by the full transparency and high level of predictability that comes with our premium category listing on the stock exchange, as well as an unconventional range of services that in many ways exceeds the market average. The latter includes unique solutions such as e-mobility, scheduling, and waste management.

We have consciously built on our tried-and-tested operating model to become the number one service provider behind the ‘big’ players in the Hungarian SME market over the past decade: we are a stable, predictable, competitive, and reliable long-term partner for our existing and prospective clients. With our retail sales growing organically and on an ongoing basis, our services are also expanding continuously, offering increasingly attractive schemes for large corporations as well.

You can find out more on ALTEO Group’s energy market services here.